Training Goal: To enhance the job competencies of seafarers - now also online!

Danica Training Services offers high-quality training courses at major seafarer hubs in Eastern Europe (Odessa in Ukraine and Saint Petersburg in Russia) as well as online training courses. All our courses are designed to empower seaman to successfully fulfill their duties onboard ship, thus ensuring the safe, efficient and cost effective operations of the ship owner’s assets.

In cooperation with Norwegian Training Centre we offer a wide range of online classroom courses delivered by an instructor. Online training is an efficient way to deliver training courses. Surveys shows that the learning efficiency is higher through online course as trainees remain more focused during the lessons. Online courses also means costs savings as the participants do not have to travel to attend the courses hence travel and lodging costs are saved. The seafarers have welcomed the courses as they save them for the travel time and they do not need to stay away from their families during their home-period.

Today’s vessel operations are more sophisticated than they were in previous years: Crews are required to master new technologies and an ever-expanding rule regime. Also, environmental issues, budget constraints and increasing demands from cargo owners, need competent and knowledgeable seaman to deal with them.

Skilled and experienced seamen must continuously improve and expand their competencies if they are to remain effective in their role as merchant mariners. For officers, this means developing leadership skills as well as technical knowledge.

Although Danica's courses are focused on developing the technical skills of seafarers, they are, nonetheless, underpinned by current leadership and safety principles.  In effect, Danica courses follow a holistic approach to training.

Course syllabi are homogenous across all our training center locations, which will ensure that participants obtain the same competencies regardless of which center they attend.

Courses are delivered by Danica’s staff, or they are offered in cooperation with preferred training partners who are duly audited and certified by Danica. 

More information about Danica's courses along with an online course booking form is available on this website.

If you have any questions about any of Danica's courses, or you require assistance in booking a course, then please contact us on:

  • Germany +49 40 21 09 190 30
  • Ukraine +380 50 392 23 08
  • Russia +7 812 643 54 65

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