Talent and Competence Management System

Danica’s Competence Management System (CMS) and Promotion Pipeline System (PPS) are built on modern HR talent management principles which a proven track record of efficiency ensuring your onboard talent is developed in a structured way meeting your business goals.

The systems allows shipping companies to quickly implement a proven governance structure that will improve the skill sets of their crew without spending too much time and too many resources on the development, testing, and implementation process

The aim of Danica's  Competence Management Systems is to identify gaps in knowledge, work related skills and critical reasoning (behavior) abilities. Once identified, skill gaps can be addressed with targeted training programs.

Additionally, the Promotion Pipeline System is geared towards creating an in-house promotion pipeline, where vacant senior positions can be filled with officers who are known to the company, and who are familiar with the company's procedures and work culture. In effect, the PPS will allow the client to mitigate the risk of employing someone who is unfamiliar with the philosophy and practices of the company. 

Danica’s Competence Management System and Promotion Pipeline System contain the following elements:

  • Onboard performance management, including appraisal reports structured to highlight gaps and inefficiencies in knowledge and skills
  • Briefing and planning meetings with individual officers to focus on and improving their weak points
  • Training in minimum competency requirements for each rank on the promotional ladder
  • To identify candidates suitable for promotion
  • Behaviour and leadership training
  • Verification of skill set through interviews and testing

You can either use our generic system or we can adopt it to match any specific need you may have.

If you are interested to learn more about Danica’s crew development systems then please contact Capt. Henrik Jensen, jensen@danica-maritime.com, Telephone + 49 40 210 919 032