Marine Electrical Maintenance (online)

Entry requirements: Engine Officer

Certification issued: -

IMO modul course no.: -

Duration: 10 days

This course is intended for Engine Officers and Personnel with sea experience in relevant capacity and with proper training on Function 2: Electrical, Electronic, and Control Engineering at Operational Level. It is designed as an enhancement training to refresh their practical knowledge of electrical, electronics, and control engineering systems directed towards operation, maintenance and repair of various electrical equipment and installations onboard ship.

The course covers essential aspects of electrical, electronics, and control engineering fundamentals including safety and it is tailored to take full advantage of the practical aspects of the work carried out on board. Further, the course takes part of the essential competence prescribed by Section AIII/1; Table A-III/1 of the STCW Code (2010 amendments), in relation to function: Electrical, Electronic and Control Engineering at the Operational Level.

Course Aims: The course aims to provide practical knowledge & understanding of the principles of electrical, electronic, and control systems and its processes and consequently develop essential skills & ability to perform maintenance, fault-finding and troubleshooting procedures to ensure safe & efficient operating condition of ship’s electrical systems.

METHOD: Combination online lecture/discussion/interaction will be complemented with guided practical troubleshooting via demonstration, circuit design and analysis using the Electrical, Electronics and Control Automation Simulators.

ENTRY REQUIREMENT / TARGET GROUP: Entry to this online course is open to all Marine Engine / Electrical Officers on offshore units and onboard merchant vessels. The course has no pre-requisite; however a good background in Electrotechnology is an advantage.

COURSE CERTIFICATE: A Certificate of Completion is given to each participant who satisfactorily fulfills this Online Course


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