Risk Management and Incident Investigation (Online)

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Duration: 3 days

This course is designed for all deck and engine officers. It is a bi-module training program that provides a complete overview of the Loss Control Management in the Maritime Industry. It covers both proactive risk management approaches and reactive accident investigation techniques required for continuous improvement within an organization.
Realistic industry-based case exercises are used throughout the program.

COURSE AIMS & OBJECTIVES: The course aims to enable participants to:

Module 1:
Through systematic risk assessment techniques, uncover and identify significant hazards and learn to take cost effective measures to threat and minimize their risks proactively before any losses occur.

Module 2:
Apply the essentials of incident investigation techniques and analyze root cause of marine incidents using the Marine Systematic Cause Analysis Techniques (M-SCAT), a technique commonly used throughout the industry for accident investigation.

COVERAGE / PROGRAM FOCUS: The course deals with the following subject & training areas:

Module 1: Maritime Risk Management
• What is risk and why risk management?
• Five-step systematic approach to identify critical and significant risks in your organization.
• How to minimize risk by implementing only cost-effective risk reducing measures in your organization.

Module 2: Incident Investigation Techniques
• Basics of incident and accident investigation.
• How to initiate an investigation and gather evidence.
• How to identify causes for undesirable events.
• How to avoid future incidents by developing appropriate recommendations to address root causes.

METHOD: Online lecture-discussion & interaction with case exercises, delivered via a web conferencing system, with the aid of instructional/learning courseware


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