Gas Measuring Equipment (Online)

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Duration: 2 days

This course is intended for all deck officers and other ships’ complement that have direct involvement in operations of Gas, Chemical, and Oil tankers.

The course essentially deals with relevant regulations, safety procedures, and the proper operation & maintenance of instruments used for gas measurement in enclosed spaces and cargo tanks onboard ship.

COURSE AIMS AND OBJECTIVES: The purpose of the course is to establish, maintain and endeavor to improve a quality standard for the correct use and manning of gas measuring instruments in order to ensure that the instruments are utilized and maintained as specified by the manufacturers / OCIMF rules.

Those who shall successfully complete the course should be able to gain technical & applied knowledge on the safe & proper use of gas measuring equipment and the procedures for routine calibrations & maintenance of the equipment onboard thereby reducing the costs by not using shore services.

COVERAGE / PROGRAM FOCUS: Emphasis of theoretical instruction and hands-on training deals with the following:
• Regulatory Requirements
• Safety and Risk Factors
• Tests and Sampling
• Hot work & Gas Freeing Procedures
• Types of Gases and Gas Explosion
• Measurement and Calibration Procedures

METHOD: Online lecture-discussion & interaction supported with instructional/ learning courseware, delivered via a web conferencing system.

ENTRY REQUIREMENT / TARGET GROUP: Entry to this course is open to all deck officers and crew involved in oil, chemical and gas tanker operations.


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