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This seminar on mental health is intended for sea-based & office-based officers & staff. It consists of three (3) modules that accordingly deal with essential aspects in understanding & managing mental health and in providing psychological first aid for those having mental health issues.

The delivery of learning elements covered by each module shall be facilitated & reinforced with discussions and activity as well as experience sharing relevant to the maritime industry and shipboard context.

COURSE AIMS & OBJECTIVES: The seminar aims to provides awareness on components surrounding mental health and promotes understanding toward having healthy mental condition & techniques in maintaining emotional wellness; and applied knowledge in providing help to another person in times of psychological crisis using an evidence-based approach.

COVERAGE / PROGRAM FOCUS: This online seminar is divided into three modules:

I. MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS: Components and Competencies
This module explores the components of Mental Health - Purpose, Positivity, Productivity and Resilience. The Purpose component clarifies to the participant about his motives as he seeks the core of his existence. The Positivity component discusses evidence-based studies on positive emotions as it relates to the negative ones. Productivity component puts significance on the work that has been done by the participant - personal and professional. The Resilience component encompasses how an individual bounce back despite struggles and downfalls in life.

II. PSYCHOLOGICAL FIRST AID: Promoting Health, Preventing Illness
This module will develop the knowledge and skills of the participant in helping another person in times of psychological crisis using an evidence-based approach. The participant will have a grasp of the tools needed to perform PFA to reduce the risk of inadvertently making things worse. (Everly & Lating, 2017). Accordingly, the techniques that will be learned by the participant are congruent to the approaches that he may need in order to address personal problems – optimizing the benefit of emotion and solution-focused coping strategies.

III. MINDFULNESS: Awareness and Acceptance
This module revisits the practice of meditation among monks and discusses the scientific explanation that validates the effectiveness of this relaxation technique. Revolutionary in nature, yet easy to engage in, the participant will have a mind-changing perception of the self and his thoughts. Accordingly, managing thoughts coincides with regulating emotions - and both are achieved effectively through constant practice of mindfulness. Essentially, in the midst of anxieties about the future, the practice of mindfulness makes a person appreciate the moment that matters most - the here and now.

METHOD: Facilitator-led online lecture-discussion & interaction with guided activities, delivered via a web conferencing system.


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