Ship Safety Officer (Online)

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Duration: 3 days

This course is intended for ship officers & personnel who may be designated or currently designated as a Safety Representative or Safety Officer onboard.

The training deals with the essential aspects of safety procedures & practices for shipboard operations covering safety principles, safety leadership, process of risk management, approaches & techniques in hazard identification & control and accident & incident investigation.

COURSE AIMS & OBJECTIVES: The course aims to provide applied knowledge and practical understanding of the essential safety principles, requirements, processes, and tools that shall enable participants to carry out the role of ship safety officer, ensuring promotion of safety culture, improving safety, and avoiding accidents onboard ship.

COVERAGE / PROGRAM FOCUS: The course deals with the following areas:
• Hazard and Risk
• Occupational Health and Safety
• Safety Culture and Leadership
• Accidents and its Causes
• Safety Representative
• Safety Officer
• Safety Leadership
• Risk Management Process
• Hazard Identification
• Hazard Controlling Techniques
• Toolbox Talk (TBT)
• Situational Awareness
• Work Debrief
• Accident and Incident Investigation

METHOD: Online lecture-discussion & interaction with guided self-learning activities, delivered via a web conferencing system, with the aid of instructional/learning courseware.


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