Capt. Dmytro Ganzha

Head of Danica Training Services                    

Dmytro Ganzha is a graduate of Odessa National Maritime Academy. 

With 20 years experience as a sea-going Captain, Dmytro has a strong background in the crewing and training process. From 2007 Dmytro has worked in a number of various onshore capacities including Crew Manager, Training Manager, and Auditor and as company representative for a large Danish ship owner.

In 2015, Dmytro joined Danica where he now works.

In addition to his sound maritime education and shipping knowledge, Dmytro is also a fully trained professional instructor. He is an experienced trainer with an extensive knowledge of the latest teaching methodologies.

Henrik Jensen

Founder and Managing Director of Danica Maritime Services, Germany

Henrik Jensen is a Captain with more than 20 years of experience in the shipping industry. Henrikā€™s professional career includes working as Managing Director for a large Danish ferry operator.

In the year 2000, Henrik joined Bernhard Schulte Group where he held various management appointments, including Senior Managing Director of Bernhard Schulte Ship Management (Deutschland), and Group Managing Director of Human Resources.

In 2008, Henrik became one of the co-founders of Nordic Hamburg Ship Management. He was responsible for building up the organization, and for developing a manning agency in Odessa.

In 2012, Henrik founded Danica Maritime Services and Danica Crewing Services. Over the ensuing years, Henrik has built and developed Danica into a leading crew provider.

Besides his maritime education and experience, Henrik holds a business degree in economics, human resources, and strategy from a Danish business college.