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At Danica Training Services we believe that quality training supersedes quantity.

Danica is acutely aware that training is costly and time-consuming for participants.  Moreover, the well-meaning intentions of shipping companies to provide training for their personnel are often perceived negatively. Such perceptions are partly due to the quality of the training involved, and, more increasingly, because of the time commitment that is required on the part of the participant to attend training courses.

To overcome these negative perceptions, Danica reviews all its courses so that they follow a more dynamic and qualitative approach.  

Danica courses fall into four categories:

Leadership and enhancement of safety culture

Sound, quality leadership is a prerequisite to successful ship operations. Unfortunately, there are only limited numbers of training centers available where officers can learn and develop their leadership skills. Danica Training Services is one such center. At Danica Training Services we offer maritime leadership training courses with an emphasis on developing a positive working environment onboard the vessel. Development of a positive working culture includes how to manage individual and collective behavior onboard ship, and how to improve safety awareness among crew members.

Close-the-gap courses

Many of Danica courses are designed to close specific competency gaps - gaps which are commonly reported but not covered by standard statutory training requirements.

One example of close-the-gap-courses is Danica's Electrical and Electronic Systems Course for Chief and 2nd Engineers. The course is designed to upgrade the participant's knowledge of electrical and electronic systems. This course is useful to and appreciated by officers who are deployed on vessels without an electrician in the crew complement. 

Statutory training

For many ship officers, regulatory refresher courses are seen as inconvenient and lacking in value.

To overcome these two issues, Danica has ensured that its refresher courses are delivered by instructors who are current in their theoretical and practical knowledge as well as being fully conversant and equipped with the latest teaching methodology.

Company specific training

To cater to the specialized needs of its clients, Danica Training Services can develop and deliver company specific training. Alternatively, Danica can deliver existing company courses on behalf of its clients. Company courses include but are not limited to pre-employment and pre-joining training and briefings. Danica Training Services can also arrange seminars for crew with targeted training needs.


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