Leadership (basic)

Entry requirements: None

Certification issued: Leadership Course Certificate

IMO modul course no.: None

Duration: 2 days

Through action learning, self-assessment tests and other leadership training scenarios, you will explore leadership roles as a coach, communicator and team member. Small-group teambuilding experiences, engaging videos, large-group discussion, and time for reflection are just a few of the things you will experience.

We will focus on fewer lectures and more interaction and practice drawn upon your personal experiences and real work challenges.

The course is structured in such way that it will start with a Basic Leadership Course of two days where all the fundamentals of leadership will be discussed and practiced. As a follow-up you will have the option of continue on a 1-days Advanced Leadership Course where self-assessment tools will form part of the training curriculum.


Location Starting time Fee
Odessa 2020/May/11 250 USD booking >>
St. Petersburg 2020/May/14 250 USD booking >>
Odessa 2020/May/18 250 USD booking >>
St. Petersburg 2020/May/21 250 USD booking >>
Odessa 2020/May/25 250 USD booking >>
St. Petersburg 2020/May/28 250 USD booking >>
Odessa 2020/Jun/01 250 USD booking >>
St. Petersburg 2020/Jun/04 250 USD booking >>
Odessa 2020/Jun/08 250 USD booking >>
St. Petersburg 2020/Jun/11 250 USD booking >>
Odessa 2020/Jun/15 250 USD booking >>
St. Petersburg 2020/Jun/18 250 USD booking >>
Odessa 2020/Jun/22 250 USD booking >>
St. Petersburg 2020/Jun/25 250 USD booking >>
Odessa 2020/Jun/29 250 USD booking >>

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