Safety Representative and Working Environment Committee (NMA) (Online)

Entry requirements: -

Certification issued: NMA

IMO modul course no.: -

Duration: 5 days

This course is intended for officers and ratings holding (or will be holding) key duties and responsibilities concerning safety and environmental work onboard ship in the role of safety representative, working environment committee member, committee representative, or ship safety officer.
The course essentially deals with the regulatory measures and recognized practices to ensure the safety and protection of working environment and the proper working and health condition of workers onboard. It fulfills the training requirements set forth in Regulation of 1 January 2005 No. 8, Section 5-14 of the Norwegian Passenger and Cargo Ship Legislation concerning the working environment, health and safety of workers onboard ship.

COURSE AIMS & OBJECTIVES: The course aims to provide knowledge and practical understanding of the relevant laws, regulations, and best practices to ensure safe, protected, and healthy working environment & conditions on board ship.

COVERAGE / PROGRAM FOCUS: The course deals with the legislative acts, regulations measures and on the following subject area:
• Safety Regulations
• Norwegian Acts and Regulations: Ship Labour Act; Ship Safety and Security Act; and Working Environment, Health and Safety of Workers on Board Ship
• Work Environment Hazards and Accident Prevention
• Inspection Procedure & Planned Maintenance
• Work Injuries and Preventive Measures
• Ergonomics
• Enclosed Spaces
• Personal Protective and Safety Equipment
• Drugs and Alcohol Policy
• Prevention of Sexually Transmitted Infections, including HIV / AIDS
• Pollution Prevention
• Accident Investigation and Reporting
• Safety Agenda and Reports

METHOD: Online lecture-discussion & interaction with guided exercises, delivered via a web conferencing system, with the aid of instructional/learning courseware.


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