Maritime Leadership and Values (Online)

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Duration: 2 days

“Everything rises and falls on leadership” (John Maxwell), while everyone either succeeds or sinks on values. Leadership and Values have great impact on personal, professional and organizational productivity and success. This two-day training-workshop is designed to infuse sound Principles, Purpose, Process and Passion of an inspiring leadership to maritime officers. Thus, when applied, this will make them - “The kind of leader people want to follow”.

A leader equipped with the right approach to people of different cultures, colors and creeds for the implementation of quality, health, safety and environmental policies onboard and onshore. A values-based leadership course that ensures teamwork to achieve the organization’s goals and objectives.
COURSE AIMS & OBJECTIVES: This course aims to enable participants to:
• Gain knowledge, understanding and skills of the six levels (6A’s) of leadership;
• Develop positive values and culture to effectively lead others;
• Apply the principles of leadership to daily activities;
COVERAGE / PROGRAM FOCUS: The course deals with the following:
I. Introduction to Leadership and Values
 Developing Leaders of Character, Competence and Courage
 The Kind of Leader People Want to Follow
 The Impact of Leadership to Health, Safety and Productivity

II. Leadership Principles: The Six Levels (A’s) of Maritime Leadership
 Authority (Rank)  Association (Relationship)  Accomplishment (Result)
 Assistance (Reproduction)  Admiration (Respect)  Acclamation (Renown)

METHOD: Online lecture-discussion & interaction with groupworks, delivered via a web conferencing system, with the aid of instructional/learning courseware.

Following I.-G.R.O.W. model of instruction:
I – Introduction: Lectures and video clips viewing
G – Group Discussion: Breakout session for group discussion and presentation
R – Reflection: Leadership sound principles and case studies
O – Observation: Key takeaways
W – Way Forward: Application of leadership principles and values


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