Behavior-Based Safety (Online)

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Duration: 3 days

This course is intended for seafarers and shore staff engaged in Maritime Sector. It deals with the key principles of Behavior-Based Safety Programs, MCA’s Human Element, Maritime Resource Management, Safety & Risk Management System, and Leadership Articles that are congruent to the industry’s best management practices, taking into account the guidelines & recommendations of various conventions and regulations relevant to Behavior-Based Safety Culture.

COURSE AIMS & OBJECTIVES: The course aims to provide knowledge & understanding of behavior-based approach & techniques on safety-related policies, procedures, and tasks on workplace setting directed to maritime industry.

COVERAGE / PROGRAM FOCUS: The course deals with the following subject areas:

1 Behavior-Based Safety (BBS)
• History of BBS, Safety, Creating BBS Culture, Observations, Developing Action Plans

2 Human Element and Behavior
• Making sense of things, RISK, Decisions, Making Mistakes, Fatigue, Learning, Working with others, Communication

3 Safety Leadership
• Safety Leadership, Role of a Leader

4. Company’s Safety Management System (SMS)
• Scope of SMS which relates to BBS, Human Element & Behavior, and Safety Leadership
METHOD: Online lecture-discussion & interaction with guided exercises, delivered via a web conferencing system, with the aid of instructional/learning courseware


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